How Not To Maintain Your Fake ID Business

December 10, 2008


If you sell fake I.D.s, it's best to not advertise that shit all over your Escort LX (or is it?). You can profess your love for Jesus all you want, but keep the I.D. business on the low. Apparently the genius behind this operation (who was clearly focusing his efforts on the Hispanic market) was running the mobile I.D. generating business right out of the car -- which was found to contain both computer and card printer. Great idea there buddy, but piss-poor execution. You should have been a little more discreet in your advertising. Something like, "Born Jesus, but want to be John? Ask me how." See how I even tied in the whole religion thing there? It's called brilliance, folks, and I'm full of it(!).

If You Sell Fake Ids, It's Never A Good Idea To Cover Your Car With Ads To Promote Your Business And Then Drive It Around Tennessee [bonehead]

Thanks to Dan, who may or not be selling fake Blockbuster cards out of his Taurus.

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