Gory Macabre: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

December 18, 2008


Oh man, I love these. And unicorns really do spear little forest creatures like that, it's true. I've seen 'em do it with my own two eyes. Well, one eye -- one of those f***ers got me! Sadly, this awesomeness isn't for sale, which is a crying shame. Because gory macabre animals are the perfect way to let your kids you love them. Just not enough to not scar them for life. Sleep tight little ones! Haha, no nightlight tonight -- the goblins were complaining. And also, no sneaking out of bed -- the floor turns to acid when I leave the room. Kisses!

Hit the jump for some larger pictures of my favorites.






Macabre Plush Toys Are Perfect Xmas Gift for Future Psychokillers [gizmodo]

Thanks to Johnstoppable, who doesn't have enough momentum.

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