Firebreathing Dog Robot Will Ruin Your Day

December 10, 2008


This firebreathing robot-dog-beast-cycle (inappropriately named Lrry) was made entirely out of recycled materials by the Mutoid Waste Company in London. "Why?", you ask. "Why not?", the makers reply. "Because that f***er's gonna kill us all!", you scream while throwing an empty beer can and lacing up your running shoes. Perfectly at home at any monster truck rally, Lrry is guaranteed to melt your face off then trample your body. And, seriously, what better way to go? You know, besides every other way, excluding impalement.

Hit the Kris Kross will make you jump jump for a video of the doomsday machine in action.

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Robodogoflameocycle [botjunkie]

Thanks to Daniel, Edwin, Phil, Johnny and Thomas, any of whom could steal the wheels off this bitch at a red light.

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