eBay: Pocket Sized Vampire Hunting Kit

December 26, 2008


Well we've already seen a $15,000 full-sized vampire killing kit. But what if you want something smaller? You know, a little vampire protection that'll fit in your pocket or man-purse? Enter the Vintage Pocket Sized Vampire Slaying Kit.

This is a Vampire killing kit that will travel with you, cause you never know when you may need it. It measures 6 5/8 inches long, and 1 1/4 inch square. One of a kind for sure.

The crucifix is from Paris, as stamped on the back of it, and it is obviously old. The Box also appears very old. The vials are brass, and contain Holy Water in the one with the copper tag with the "H" stamped on it, and the other vial has "G"stamped on it for garlic. The vial corks are sealed in red wax. A small wooden stake completes the set. A "V" is stamped on the copper plate on top for "Vampire".

The parts, crucifix, wood box, screws, and metals used are old and tarnished, and most parts of the set are vintage.

Eh, I'd make my own if I were you. But $20 isn't too bad if you're lazy. You just better hope that holy water isn't urine. I hear vampires love that shit. And speaking of vampires -- the lead in Twilight, so dreamy.*

*This message brought to you by The World For A More Effeminate Geekologie Writer.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures of the kit, and a link to the auction.



eBay Auction

Thanks to joey, who doesn't need a kit because he kills vampires with his UV-light blasting penis.

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