Custom Made Tusken Raider Munny Doll

December 29, 2008


This is a custom Munny doll made by artist Squapper. As you might notice as result of your above-average intellect and love of Star Wars, it's a Tusken Raider.

For the body, I simply sewed clothes by hand, soaked them in water, painted with watercolor to add dirt, messed up the edges and then put them on the Munny and let the dry in place to fit to the shape.

For the bandages, I cut cloth into strips, soaked them and painted them, messed up the edges while wet and then let dry. Fitting them to the head was then simply a matter of using spray glue to make it adhere like tape and wrapping them on...

Not too shabby. Although, I must admit, I'm not really big into the Munny scene. I own a few of my favorites, but I'm not a diehard collector like some folks I know. Nope, I save my bookshelves for other collectibles -- namely seashells. Now, who wants to see my bivalves? Conch!

Hit the jump for several more, including a nice closeup of its sexy face.




Tusken Raider by Squapper [albotas]

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