Cool: Augmented Reality Advertisements

December 19, 2008


MINI recently ran an augmented reality advertisement in several German automotive magazines (Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobild). You head over to the MINI website, flash the print ad in front of your webcam (while doing a striptease -- ladies only, please) and TA-DOW -- a 3-D MINI appears on your newfangled typewriter screen. Go here to print out the ad as a PDF and then head here to try it for yourself. I tried to do it but I can't read German and get easily discouraged so I bailed. Besides, I'm waiting for some augmented augmented reality ads. You catch my drift? I'm talking boobs. Big-ass fake ones.

Hit it for another picture and a video of the making of the ad.


mini augmented reality ads hit newstands [technabob]

Thanks to Romeo, who you ladies would be lucky to have augment your reality.

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