Amazing Battlestar Galactica Case Mod

December 8, 2008


There are case mods, and then there are case mods. And then there's this Battlestar Galactic case by L337 modder Boddaker.

This liquid-cooled work of art has a numerous video screens, a side window hidden by a servo-controlled door, and a slot-loading DVD drive that lets you see its disc spinning through its semi-transparent front.

Freaking amazing. You've really got to see the rest of the pictures and video after the jump to fully appreciate the case. Boddaker clearly has some wicked modding skills. AND modeling skills. Dude can really strut his stuff on the catwalk like nobody's business. In all seriousness though, I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Hit it for the rest of the amazingosity.








Battlestar Galactica PC, a masterpiece with stunning attention to detail [dvice]

Thanks to Stirling, who once called a Cylon's mother a robotic whore and lived to tell about it.

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