6-Wheeled Sports Car Makes It To Production

December 11, 2008


The Covini Six Wheeler (C6W) needs a new name but does have six wheels. It looks kind of like a Ferrari whose mother downed too much ethanol during pregnancy. So why the six wheels?

The Covini Six Wheeler takes its engineering inspiration from the 1976 Tyrell P34 race car which had two pairs of smaller front wheels that were intended to increase air penetration and have a smaller frontal area effectively reducing drag.

The ideas behind the Tyrell P34 don't necessarily translate to the C6W, though Ferruccio Covini, the company's founder, gives the following reasons for creating his modern-day six-wheeler:

• Less risk of front tires deflating
• Less risk of aquaplaning
• Better braking
• Better grip
• Better comfort
• Better absorption of frontal impact
• Better stupid looking
• Better support for fatties
• Better vroom vroom (1.5x)
• Better why the f*** not?
• Better not steal my rims!
• Better to run you over with
• Better not pout, better not cry
• Or Santa will fondle you in your sleep
• The elves will take pictures
• And they will wind up on the internet
• Rule 34

Hit the jump for several more pictures and two videos, the first of which is track footage, the second of which is still photos.




Six-Wheeled Covini C6W Heading To Production [jalopnik]

Thanks to abe, who f***ed a jet plane and gave birth to the speed of sound.

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