Apple Apples Sadly Aren't McIntosh

December 13, 2008


Some Apple fan in Japan, one who owns a Fuji apple orchard, decided to profess his love for Macs in the only way he knows how, by growing fruit with the Apple logo and little pictures of iPods on them. How did he achieve the feat? Simply -- with stickers. You just put a sticker on an apple while it ripens, take it off when picked, and presto -- an iPod apple. What about the stickers makes the images appear? F***ing sorcery! And that, my friends, is scientific.

Hit the jump for a close-up.


Apple's Apples... Talk About Geek Fruit [weirdasianews]

Thanks to Manwai, who once grew Microsoft peaches, but ate them before they BSOD'ed.

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