Keep Your Money Secure With A LEGO Safe

November 19, 2008


This LEGO safe is made out of modular plastic blocks called LEGO bricks. And it has a Mindstorm NXT unit attached to handle its secret combination.

Five double digit codes protect your valuables, and the dial goes both ways, so there's a left and right entry for each number -- hence, over 305 billion possible combinations. Moving the safe will trip motion sensors and set off an alarm, and bars inside strengthen the structure.

Not bad -- as long as you're only locking up old Halloween candy or your little sister. But what if you need to protect something a little more valuable? That's right -- always cover your nuts with a free hand.

Video after the jump.

Lego safe is made from robot parts, will guard your mint condish Robocop figurines just nicely [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who swears he has no idea how that stripper got there.

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