You Look Stupid When You Play Video Games. Just Kidding, Only These Kids Do

November 24, 2008

You ever wonder what you look like playing video games? Well I'll tell you: a slovenly asshole with man-tits and torn boxers lounging on a broken recliner. Psyche, that's just me. But now photographer Robbie Cooper has made a video showing just how goofy kids look while they game. Make sure to check out the girl that is either the devil or on drugs at around 1:00. No emotion. Girl could kill you and your whole family and not bat an eye. Lock her up! Or, alternatively, burn her at the stake! But, if you go with the latter, I call a drumstick.


Thanks to Emode, who doesn't look stupid playing video games because he has laser eyes and balls the size of European castles.

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