World's Largest Piñata Sadly Not Filled With Thousands Of Airplane Bottles (BOOO!)

November 10, 2008


The world's largest piñata was recently constructed and displayed in Philadephia, PA as part of a publicity stunt and commercial for Carnival Cruise Lines. "The donkey was 28.5 meters (94′) long, 7.2 meters (24′) wide and 18 (60′) meters tall and fill with 3,628 lbs of candy. (8,000lbs)." Carnival got the crowd riled up by promising to bust the monster ass open with a giant wrecking ball, but never did. Which is pretty freaking disappointing. And you know what else is? That it wasn't filled with cars. Lamest. Fiesta. Ever.

Hit the jump for one more picture.


World's Largest Pinata in Philly - Trojan Donkey [panasianbiz]

Thanks to Joe C, who could have roundhouse kicked that piñata to shreds.

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