Why Am I Not Surprised?: An R2-D2 Aquarium

November 10, 2008


He's been steampunkified, LEGOfied, made into cakes, a fridge, a USB hub, a home theater system, a trashcan (surprise, surprise), a computer case, and even a beanie, and now, in his latest incarnation, it's R2-D2 as an aquarium. The $129 aquatic habitat is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer and has a 1.75-gallon capacity. "R2's eye-piece even works as a periscope so you can get an up close look at your little buddies while they meander around." Then, you can eat them. Mmmm, fish sticks!

R2-D2 aquarium [crunchgear]

Thanks to Hunter, who had a birthday last week and is finally old enough to legally kick ass.

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