The World Is Ending, And I Need Better Support: That's Right Folks, Man-Bras

November 20, 2008


Remember the Seinfeld episode about man-bras (bros)? I'm trying to forget it. But man-bras actually do exist, and here they are. Made by Japanese underwearier Wish Room, each man-bra promises support where you need it most: right at the tit. And as a man who's no stranger to trying on his girlfriend's bras while she's in the shower: I like to put on a little makeup too. Just a little foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick -- nothing crazy.

HIt the jump for a bunch more disturbing pictures.




Man Bra Keeps Your Moobs In Check [gizmodo]

Thanks to Ruthe, who admits I'd look dead sexy in one of these. And also, stilettos. She's right!

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