The Future Is Now!: A Home Theater Watch

November 6, 2008


The Home Theater Watch costs $120 and brings all (2GB worth) of your favorite shows and movies to you in incredible unstunning quality. Truthfully, I'd rather watch hair grow out the mole on my arm. Or, alternatively, duct tape an iPod to my glasses.

You will have as home theater experience available everywhere you go. You can even use it to show people your favorite television shows or prime time specials. Simply convert your video from any of the digital formats listed above (ASF, AVI, MPEG, WMV, DAT/VCD, and ASX), and you will have your favorite television episodes whenever and wherever you want. Imagine watching your favorite sitcom while stuck on the train commute to work in the morning or while sitting in a traffic jam.

Oh yeah, watching tv on your wrist while driving, brilliant. I mean, the drivers around here are almost too good. And on a side note, a home theater watch -- what is this 2025? The future is now folks -- hoverboards, hoverboards!

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Thanks to Woo Doop "It's about a Watch with a TV and shit on it", for giving it to me straight.

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