That's What I Call Shiny: A Chrome Bugatti

November 24, 2008


We've seen chromed cars in the past, but quite frankly (can I call you Frankly?), those just weren't as shiny as this Bugatti Veyron. Maybe they went for the economy chrome job, but whatever the case, they lacked the mirror-like sheen of this summabitch. I mean, you could snort drugs off the hood of this thing. You know, or a CD case. But if you are doing your drugs off the back of a cracked CD case, chances are you probably don't have the money to be doing drugs. And your connection probably sucks. I guess what I'm getting at is this: you're snorting laxatives.

Hit the jump for four more of the shiny-shiny.





Chrome Bugatti Veyron [openers]

Thanks to Oliver, who doesn't need a chrome Bugatti because he has a diamond one. BLING!

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