Thanks But No Thanks (I Value My Ass): Honda's Assisted Walking Device

November 7, 2008


Honda's taking another stab at the growing assisted walking market (that's a market!?), this time with what appears to be a robot that hides between your legs and pokes you in the genitals.

The device will supporting a portion of user's body weight whether they're crouching, walking or climbing stairs and is meant to help both those physically weakened with age or injury as well as workers who would need to reduce the stress on their bodies from heavy work or unusual positions.

The device will support users within two inches of its preset 5-foot, 7-inch user height. The entire system, including its lithium ion battery and shoes, weighs 14.3lbs, and uses two electric motors to assist users' leg movement for up to two hours before a re-charge is required.

Interesting, but I'm going to have pass. You see, I accidentally violated myself with a pogo stick once, and ever since, well, I just couldn't imagine ever cheating on it. I heart you Springy!

Hit the jump for another picture of the barebones device, along with a video of the piece in action.


Honda intros experimental walking assist device [electronista]

Thanks CaptainMorgan, it's Friday, so I've already got a little bit of you in me. Read: the better part of a fifth. Chris helped though. Thanks buddy. Oh snap, so did King Iain and egleaves. Damn, well now we're not even getting drunk. Another bottle, STAT.

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