Yes!: Star Wars Arts And Crafts For Sale

November 19, 2008


Star Wars arts and crafts: I just can't get enough of that shit. It's like juice, but not liquid and nowhere near as sugary. Actually, I'm trying to limit my juice intake because I've been drinking too much lately and it's making me run up the walls. Well, not literally. Yes literally! I fell and hurt myself pretty badly. Broke the coffee table. And a cat. Anyway, today on Etsy we have some $5 patterns to make your own crochet Darth Vader and lightsabers, a $12 finger puppet Yoda, and a $950 sequin Darth Maul "painting". Hit up the jump to see them all. And then hit up your parents up for some beer money. Then we can go drink by the train tracks!

Hit it like a vending machine with a half-vended Snickers.






Etsy (Darth Vader pattern)
Etsy (lightsaber pattern)
Etsy (Yoda fingerpuppet)
Etsy (sequined Darth Maul)

As always, thanks to Jenny, The Bloggess, for kicking ass and taking crafts.

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