Sharpie Lamborghini For Sale on eBay

November 12, 2008


Remember the Sharpie Lamborghini posted a couple months ago? Well it's back, and this time on eBay. That's right folks, for the low, low price of somewhere between $255,000 and $289,950, this marvel of modern drawing techniques can be yours.

This is a 'ONE OF A KIND ' Gallardo Coupe: The car has been featured on MTV 'My sweet 16 with 'Timbaland'. This car is the most Famous Gallardo ever made for the U.S. market. It took over 1000 hours of art work done by hand to complete this incredible masterpiece. This car is still on M.S.O. so you would be the first owner if you win the auction.

So, which one of you readers is gonna buy it? And, when you do, will you take me for a spin? Gas, grass, or ass, nobody rides for free -- I live by that creed. *wink* Ass.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a link to the auction.






eBay Auction

Thanks to Jueshy, who thought about buying it but then realized it was too cheap.

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