Samus Cake Is Mmmm, Nom Nom Nom

November 3, 2008


If there's two things I love in life it's Zelda and cake. And women. And long walks on the beach and off short piers. Did I mention beer? It's in the top two. Along with my dog and stimulating conversations. Oh snap, and road trips. Anyway, this is a Super Metroid cake made to look like the lovely Samus Aran's head. Or helmet rather. Allegedly it's a wedding cake, but I find it a little hard to believe there's a woman out there cool enough to let this fly on her special day. Which can only mean one thing: gay marriage. Congrats guys!

Super metroid Samus helmet cake [flickr]

Thanks to Jenny, The Bloggess, for kicking ass and taking cakes.

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