Rubber Duckies To Solve Global Warming

November 26, 2008


No, not really. But the yellow buggers are helping scientists track the speed of melting glaciers. Whee?

Should Greenland's 2.17 million square miles of ice ever melt completely, the water could raise sea level world-wide by 24 feet, swamping coastal cities that are home to millions of people. As Dr. Behar at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory soon discovered, though, there isn't much money for global-warming experiments in Greenland.

Consequently, Dr. Behar and his colleagues at the University of Colorado this past August released 90 yellow rubber ducks into the melt water flowing down a chasm in the largest of Greenland's 200 glaciers -- the Jakobshavn Isbrae -- which has been thinning rapidly since 1997.

Each duck was imprinted with an e-mail address and, in three languages, the offer of a reward.

Geez, what shameless litterbugs. Wait, did that say reward? What do you think it is, $100? Okay, now what's $100 times 90 -- $900,000 right? Let's charter a boat!

Rubber Duckies to Help Track Speed of Melting Glaciers

Thanks to Sam, who doesn't play with toys in the bath anymore.

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