Now You Can Get That 'Whee, I'm Popping Edamame!' Feeling Wherever You Go

November 13, 2008


Love edamame? Have no idea what edamame is? They're soybean pods. And the beans inside are delicious. Mmmm, soybeans, mmmm. Half the fun of eating them is kicking the scrumptious little bastards out of their pod home. Pop! Now you can get that feeling anywhere thanks to Bandai's Puni Puni Edamame keychain. The $6 gadget gives you that satisfaction of evicting soybeans whenever you want. Each bean has a different face on it, so you'll never get bored because each pod will contain three different faces! That's a lot of entertainment. For six dollars. Also, it says you're not supposed to eat them but I did anyways. I'm growing a bean plant in my tummy!

Hit the jump for a disturbing promotional picture featuring a guy with streamers coming out of his eyes, and two videos. Of which you should at least watch the first, so you can see all the fun to be had.


Product Page

Thanks to Mike, who knows the only good beans are magic ones. Jack and the beanstalk these, bitches!

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