Now That's A Good Dog!: How To Cook A Hot Dog Russian Style, Or, Alternatively: How I Died Trying To Heat A Wiener

November 17, 2008
dog-1.jpg This is how some system administrator in Russia prepares himself a quick meal during those long nights at the office -- with a 220-volt hotdog. He stabs a fork in each end, connects the clips, plugs in the plug, and presto: death by electrocution just waiting to happen. The guy even sticks LEDs in the dog to determine its ripeness. Now call me crazy, but my god that must be one delicious wiener. Hit the jump to see two more of the process, including cooking and LED insertion. dog-2.jpg dog-3.jpg The Sausage Admin [englishrussia] Thanks to PN, who only cooks hot dogs with lasers.
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