My Condolences: An XBox 360 Funeral :(

November 29, 2008


What happens when an XBox dies? Does it go to heaven? A landfill? Sunday brunch for mimosas? Whatever the case, this is a picture of an XBox 360's funeral. As you can see, many friends from yesteryear came to pay their respects. This picture is actually just one in a series of the funeral, so you should go here to see them all, along with some words that were written about the event. It was very tastefully done. Not as tasteful as I would have done it, but the open bar/stripper funeral isn't for everyone. Like, haha, Aunt Phyllis. I've never seen so many angry relatives and confused strippers in my life. I had a blast!*

*And didn't even puke in the casket this time. Sorry, Uncle Rob, but hey -- at least you were dead! Tell God I say what's up.

Hit the jump for two more, then hit the link to see them all.



The funeral for my Xbox 360 [gamespot]

Thanks to Margo the Jeweler, who may not be the real Margo the Jeweler. Or is she? She isn't! Or IS she?

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