Mice Killing Has Never Been Easier, More Disturbing, Electrocution-y, Efficient

November 5, 2008

Have a mouse problem? Stop leaving cheese out yo. But if you want to get rid of them and feel like a sadistic bastard in one fell swoop, look into the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap. Basically a mouse walks in, up some stairs, gets his electrocution on in the Shock N' Drop chamber, smells like burnt fur, and then falls into a box (which can hold up to ten!). My parents just got one, but mostly because it's safe for kids and pets. Speaking of which -- mom, have you seen Hammy?

NEW! Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap from Victor, The Power Tool of Rodent Control [prweb]

Thanks to Richthegringo and Mike, who kill rats the old fashioned way, with cement shoes. Now they sleep with the fishes.

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