Man Crosses Gorge With Jetpack, No Lasers

November 25, 2008


Eric Scott sped across the 1,500-foot-wide Royal Gorge in southern Colorado at a speed of 75 mph. With a jetpack. It took him 21 seconds and the bastard didn't even have a parachute because he's a stupid idiot. Also, this feat isn't very impressive. Anybody can jetpack over a gorge, but who can skateboard over one? Because one time I ollied over a recycling bin in my driveway. And broke my arm. True story. I have a titanium plate and a bunch of screws in there now. Oh my god -- I'm a freaking robot! Quick, off with the arm! We're running out of time -- just kill me! Softly, with your love. *wink*

Hit the jump for a video of the spectacle, which I found slightly disappointing (and I LOVE jetpacks).

Jet Pack Pilot Flies Across Canyon

Thanks to Bryan, Chris, Tom, Raymond, Sterling, and Pat, who have all worn jetpacks during sex and swear it's awesome. The closest I've come is the Pterodactyl. CAW CAW!

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