Kitty Born With Two Faces Is Cute, Meow-y

November 21, 2008


A kitten was born in Australia on Wednesday with two faces. It is super cute and made me wish all pets had more faces. But then I realized how expensive it would be to feed all those extra faces, and decided it wasn't so awesome afer all.

The two-faced feline was one of three in a litter and appears to be doing well.

It hasn't got a name yet, but the owner is thinking of calling it Quasi Modo, according to local news Web site

Yeah, Quasi Modo, that won't f*** it up for life. You might as well saw off a couple legs and name it Cripples.

A closeup after the jump.


Two-Faced Kitten Born in Australia [foxnews]

Thanks to Bryan and Katto, both of whom have seen the three-headed monkey on Monkey Island.

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