It's Beautiful!: A Crystal (Meth) Apartment

November 14, 2008


Roger Hoirn is an artist. An artist that grows crystals on things. Because that's what floats his boat -- crystals. I like turtles. Roger was able to grow copper-sulfate crystals on every possible surface of an apartment. How?

The answer is simple and at the same time remarkably difficult to achieve on this scale. Anyone who has had a chemistry lesson knows how you grow copper-sulfate crystals: make a supersaturated solution by dissolving lots of them in hot water, then, as it cools, they recrystalize, growing on whatever you dangle in the solution.

He sealed a ground-floor flat - turning it into a huge tank - and filled it with 75,000 liters of hot, supersaturated copper-sulfate solution, poured in through holes in the floor of the flat above. Then he waited for it to cool, pumped out the remaining liquid and broke back into the sealed flat to see what had happened. It had worked.

Cool. And by cool I mean you can freaking forget about your security deposit.

Hit the jump for another picture and worthwhile video.


Seizure: from bedsit to paradise [timesonline]

Thanks to Tyndall, whose neighbor's apartment blew up when he started cooking the wrong crystal.

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