A Peek At The Terminator Salvation Bike

November 13, 2008


Allegedly this is the 'Moto-Terminator' bike set to appear in next year's Terminator Salvation featuring Christian Bale and Dick Dragon.

Production director Martin Laing was responsible for envisioning some of the near-future killing devices, and has created (among a lot of other scary looking metal) this Moto-Terminator motorcycle. The bike seems to be the chilling Terminator character we know and love in motorcycle form (note the signature red "eyes"), replete with plenty of new mean toys attached.

ZOMG, the Terminator as a motorcycle. What will they think of next?

A: Transformers.

'Moto-Terminator' Bike Coming to Terminator Salvation [nextautos]

Thanks to Jordon, who once fell off the back of a motorcycle and into a homeless bag-lady's heart.

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