7-Legged Spider Drawing Sells On eBay

November 20, 2008


Remember my personal hero David Thorne and his seven-legged spider drawing that was idiotically refused as payment for a $233.95 bill? Well the spider just sold on eBay -- for $10,000. And guess who won? This guy. *pointing at self* Ow, my eye. But yeah, I thought about just printing out a copy of the drawing, but then decided that would be immoral. Because I don't steal things -- except women's hearts! I keep them in a cooler full of ice and sell them on the black market. "Hearts! Get your hearts here! Also, ice cold beer."

UPDATE: Somebody on eBay is now selling accessories for seven and eight-legged spider drawings. Hit the jump to see their Santa hat and Buddhist's robe.


Note: Each accessory costs $5 and DOES NOT include the spider drawing.

eBay Auction

eBay Auction for spider accessories

Thanks to Chris, who paid a counterfeiter $6 to duplicate the drawing. And Lena, who just printed a screenshot instead.

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