Whee! View Outerspace From A Fishbowl

October 28, 2008


Not cool with viewing space from the cramped confines of a tiny dildo? Well how about the 360-degree views offered from the "Fishbowl Spaceship".

The company, founded by iD software (Doom, Quake) chief John Carmack, plans to build this far-fetched space bubble next year, aiming to start its first suborbital flights a year later. The company says a ticket on this wild ride will cost you a relatively cheap $100,000.

Awesome, now fumigate the bubble to get rid of those anal space tentacles and I'm sold.

Fishbowl Spaceship to give tourists a breathtaking 360-degree view [dvice]

Thanks to LSDiesel, who once huffed a bunch of nitrous and then heard this WAWAWAWAWA in his head that made him feel like he was on a spaceship.

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