The Shower Power: No More Slipping And Breaking Your (Most Precious) Bone

October 8, 2008


The Shower Power is a powerful suction cup with two handles. It was designed to provide a safehold while you're having sex in the shower. Or in the car. Or on the side of a building. I couldn't find out how much it costs but it can't be much. And seriously, can you really put a price on personal safety anyways? Yes, about $8. Or, if you want to live dangerously, you can do what I do and have sex while swinging from the shower head. But remember: if you're not doing the Tarzan yell you're totally ruining the experience.

Hit the jump for the product packaging which explains how to use the device in graphic silhouettey detail.


Shower Power Gives You Extra Traction [popgive]

Thanks to George, who once had sex on the side of a skyscraper while an entire board of directors watched from inside.

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