Strip Club Features Drive-Thru Service

October 13, 2008


Apparently there's a strip club in Pennsylvania that offers drive-thru service.

The Climax "Gentleman's Club" operates in Delmont, Pennsylvania, on Route 22 35 miles east of Pittsburgh. In April of this year, Climax unveiled a new innovation, which is most likely a first in the country: drive-thru strippers. Motorists can now pay $5 a minute to view strippers from the comfort of the front seat of their own car. Most customers end up with a tab of about $10-$15, but already one person paid $100 for a mere 20 minutes.

$100? Jesus, that's like four lap dances. And I've got the feeling that's not an option in the drive through. Although it certainly should be. Oh -- oh God, I'll never look at that gearshift the same.

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Thanks to chip, who pioneered drive-thru casinos.

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