Star Wars And Star Trek Dollar Origami

October 28, 2008


Won Park folds dollar bills. And so do I. But while he folds his into Star Wars and Star Trek ships, I fold mine in half the long way and give them to strippers. Obviously, we're equally talented. That's a $3 Millennium Falcon in the picture being pursued by what I suspect are a pair of $1 T.I.E. Fighters. But who knows, maybe they're $2 T.I.E. Fighters. One thing's for certain though: if you rip a dollar in half and then fold it a bunch, you can tip strippers twice as often for the same amount of money. Genius? Yes. Bouncer break my arm? Thank god for voice recognition software.

Hit the jump for a couple more of my favorites, including the Enterprise, and a link to the gallery.





Amazing Star Wars (and Star Trek) origami made from dollar bills [dvice] (GALLERY)

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