In Time For Halloween: LED LEGO Minifigs

October 30, 2008


Just in time for Halloween comes a DIY article on how to stuff an LED into a LEGO minifig's carved out head. It isn't too complicated, so if you have some LEDs lying around you could make a pretty sweet LEGO Halloween diorama tonight and be ready for tomorrow. And, honestly, is there anything cooler than celebrating the devil's holiday with LEGO minifigs? No, there isn't. Well, except for the rich family that hands out full-size Snickers bars.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a link to the DIY page.






How to hack LEDs into Lego minifigures for Halloween [evilmadscientist]

Thanks to Jenny, The Bloggess, for kicking this Halloween off right. And ass, kicking ass.

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