Halloweenie: The Compumpkin Cube

October 29, 2008


The Compumpkin Cube cake is the lovechild of a companion cube and Jack the Pumpkin King. You can tell because, instead of the little hearts in the center of each side, it has testicular looking pumpkins instead.

First of all, the bottom tier is Chocolate Devil's Food cake and the top tier is Triple Vanilla.

The cube itself is about 8.5" in every dimension before all the bits and bobs were put on. And we made sure it was exactly the same measurement on each side. After buttercreaming it, we put 20 fondant squares (4 to each side) that were painted with moonstone lustre dust. The we put the orange tubing in (which really glowed! It made this cake that much more awesome, plus delivering it at night was fantastic, I kept giggling to myself every time I saw it in my car glowing).

Mmmm, glowing orange tubing and moonstone lustre dust. That, my friends, makes for a great tasting cake. Albeit a cancerous one.

Compumpkin Cube [thecakeblog]

Thanks to Amy, who is obsessed with cakes & pies and shares a love/hate relationship with yours truly.

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