Guy Plays 36 World Of Warcraft Accounts At The Same Time, Runs Raids By Himself

October 13, 2008


Gamer Prepared runs 36 accounts of World of Warcraft at the same damn time. Why? Because he can, and it's his God-given Canadian right (I don't actually know where he's from).

A lot have asked me, why create so many? The main reason is to invade Stormwind and Ironforge when they reach top level. I'm sure the Alliance will put up a big fight when that happens. We'll see how it goes. If they don't make level 70 before Wrath of the Lich King, then it will be at level 80. That is my main goal. That will probably happen after I've got some PvP gear from the battlegrounds. I'm also planning to do some 25 and 10 man raid instances but that is secondary to my PvP goal. Of course I'll be doing arenas too to build up PvP gear but I'm not expecting to do that great there because I'm way behind in gear right now. I need to get to level 70 first, then level 80 and by then I will probably have all green gear while most others have been doing the battlegrounds and arenas.

It costs me exactly $5711 in subscription costs per year with 36 accounts on the 6 month pay schedule. Not bad considering I'm looking at it like it's a hobby and there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft.

When Wrath of the Lich King is released, I plan to be at the store when it opens and will purchase 36 copies of it. With tax, it should be about $1500 for all of them. Then the shaman are on their way to level 80 along with the priest, druid and mage.

Huh? I have no idea what that means because my girlfriend threatened to punch me in the face with her Jetta if I ever touched World of Warcraft (or another woman). But I do know that $5,711 is more money than I make in two years and this guy spends it on game subscriptions. Making him quite possibly the richest man in the world. In spirit. Rich in spirit.

Hit the jump for another picture of the setup, along with some screen shots.

Oh, and if you're a loyal Geekologist living in the Huntsville, AL area, give me a shout and then take me out and buy me a beer. Whee, I'm cheap! No, but seriously.




Prepared The 36 Boxer of World of Warcraft [dualboxing]

Thanks to Emode and Daniel, who have both played with a lot more than 36 boxes. *zing*

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