Geekologie Reader Makes Dilophosaurus

October 1, 2008


Loyal Geekologist Dinosaur Josh went and made a Dilophosaurus mount based on the one from Jurassic Park.

Up for auction is a full size replica of the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park. This version has it's frill out and mouth open in attack position. It measures 21 inches from the nose to base of the neck. The frill measures 29" in width and 24" high. It is made of high quality poly urethane resin that has been painted and sealed. The dinosaur is mounted to a wooden base. It can be hung on a wall to like a trophy animal with a mount located on the base.

Great job! Bidding starts at $100 and can I borrow it for a night before the auction ends?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and link to the auction.



eBay Auction

Thanks to Dinosaur Josh, who loves dinosaurs as much as I do, just not in the same way.

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