Flatshare Refrigerator Keeps Your No Good Thieving Roommates Out Of Your Food

October 1, 2008


Not really, it just separates everyone's food so it doesn't get mixed up. The Flatshare is a finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition and is the brainchild of Austrian design student Stefan Buchberger, who has obviously had it up to here with getting his freaking Eggos stolen. The unit consists of a base on which you can stack four separate refrigerator/freezer modules. Neat concept, but pretty worthless in real-world application. This won't stop a roommate from stealing your cold cuts, trust me. But you know what will? Poison. Haha, I poured rat killer in the OJ. I think it worked too, because I haven't heard a peep from the loud bastard in a few hours. I'll go check on him just as soon as I finish this screwdrive....oh Jesus -- quick, somebody call poison cont

Flatshare Fridge Separates Your Roommate's Rotten Food From Yours [gizmodo]

Thanks to Sophia, who agrees it's a sin punishable by pissing on their clean clothes pile to steal a roommate's last pudding pack.

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