FAKE!: Alleged Smart Car Body Kits

October 7, 2008


Well folks, it looks like today is Smart Car day on Geekologie. This here is an alleged Smart Car with a Porsche body kit. Hit the jump to see Corvette, Ferrari, and Lamborghini models. Needless to say, they're all fake and been Photoshopped. FAKE! FRIST! FIRSTIES! SECOND? THIRD YOU STINKING ASSHOLES!

Hit it for the rest.





Smorvette, Smerrari or Smamborghini? [carsandsuvs]

Thanks to Ian, who drives a Prius with a Bugatti body.

  • Ray Busch

    I would buy a kit right away. Someone needs to get this started...would make a fortune!

  • Definitely want to see one of these in real life.

  • chris

    wat sad for whoever wasted their thime posting this site to prov their fakes iv seen the put together with my own eyes in a shop so deff not fake srry and i thought i was a geek who diddnt get out much you jusput me to shame!!

  • shawna

    yes, These are real, however they are NOT made by RTR Exotics, RTR Exotics is an authorize reseller of these cute cars, it is anoother company tha tmakes them.

    Their called "smart Ridez" and their not actually a body kit you put over a smart car. they use the smart car Chassis to make these. www.smartridez.com and yes, i have personally seen these cars in real life! Their not fake, not scams they are 100% Real!

  • I would like to see that kind of car..

  • The cars are real. They are made by RTR Exotics in Tacoma Washington. They also make a '41 Willys body for the Smart Car. Look under "Micro Rides".

  • Bill

    You obviously did not read reviews, notice of bankruptcy filing, Department of Justice investigation, and Yelp before you posted you comment.

  • I wanna see a smesto elemento 0.O

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