Express Lane Only: The Shopping Cart Trike

October 29, 2008


The Cartrider was designed by Jaebeom Jeong and combines a shopping cart and trike. That way you can do your shopping faster, and while seated. Alternatively, you can just use one of the motorized scooters that grocery stores have available for disabled patrons and play the grocery store game. 2 points are awarded for hitting a pedestrian shopper, and an additional 5 every time you hit the same person again. 15 points for each end-of-aisle display you knock over, and 100 if you ride the scooter home before the battery dies. 500 if there's a low-speed chase involved.

Hit the jump for two more pictures.



'cartrider' by jaebeom jeong [designboom]

Thanks to bangdango, who doesn't need a cart trike to know how to shop.

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