Dying Is Fun!: Rocket Car To Go 1,000 MPH

October 27, 2008


In 1997 Pilot Andy Green went 763mph in the Thrust SuperSonic Car, and now, 10 years later, is building a car that will potentially hit 1,000mph. And, hopefully for him, nothing else.

"Bloodhound isn't just about building a quick car," Andy told us. "Our main concern is education - we want this to be inspire kids to get into engineering. What better way to spark-up enthusiasm than building a 1000 mph car, then building the theory behind it into the National Curriculum?"

And consider this: 1000mph is literally faster than a speeding bullet. "If you shot at me with a hand gun, the bullet would just gently nudge into the back of the car," Green says.

Wow, faster than a speeding bullet -- move over Superman! Seriously, scoot the f*** over, you just touched my leg.

Hit the jump for several more conceptual pictures, a video of the Thrust run, and a conceptual video of the Bloodhound.







Bloodhound gang [topgear]

Thanks to Asbo and Raúl, who could both do 2,000 MPH if they wanted. But they don't, so they're not going to.

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