Cool!: Sound Chasers Make Music

October 9, 2008

Sound Chasers are little cars that ride on strips of vinyl records that have been cut and connected together to form a track, playing the music as they cruise along. Awesome idea, but they sound like a cacophony. Going a step further and actually making a track that produces a good beat would be have been nice. But like most things in life, you don't always get the nice. Sometimes you get the ugly. Like last night. Thankfully I realized what I was doing on the ride home and pulled a 'duck and roll' out the passenger side door. In hindsight, I probably should have told her to take the wheel and used my own door, but seriously, fight or flight. I flew. Straight into a fire hydrant. Now it hurts to breathe.

Tiny Chaser in my Hand [yankodesign]

Thanks to Karina, who, for two tips in one day, gets a free Whopper coupon.

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