Company Allegedly Manufacturing $98 Laptop

October 20, 2008


Chinese company HiVision claims to be manufacturing a $98 laptop. What do you get for two dollars less than a hundred?

The specs are admittedly minimal: an ancient 400MHz CPU, 64MB or 128MB of RAM, a 7-inch LCD, and a 1GB flash drive for storage. Wi-Fi is built-in, and the machine runs either Linux or Windows CE (now there's a blast from the past). It's a stretch to call a WinCE device a "laptop," but the Linux version that these guys took extensive video of at a trade show earlier this month looks decently capable. Almost like a real computer.

Wow, "almost like a real computer". I've had pen and paper with better specs. ZOMG I just drew the interwebs! And also, a heart with your name in it. We should go steady.

$98 laptop claimed for October [yahootech]

Thanks to bangdango, who astutely observed that the laptop probably has AIDS.

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