Circular Saw Won't Cut Fingers, Hot Dogs

October 29, 2008

The SawStop is a circular saw designed to prevent you from cutting all your fingers off. Personally, I think fingers are overrated.

The blade carries a small electrical charge. This charge is continuously monitored by a digital signal processor. When contact is made, the human body absorbs some of the charge, causing the voltage to drop. The drop in voltage triggers a quick release aluminum break. A heavy duty spring forces the brake into the teeth of the spinning blade. The teeth dig into the aluminum, stopping the blade cold. The blade's momentum forces it to retract below the table, and the motor is automatically shut off.

Wow, that's great. Except in the video, they only use hot dogs. If it works so well, why not use a real finger? F*** it, I say the inventor put his junk on line.


Thanks to Jeff, who makes beans & weenies the old fashioned way, with a table saw.

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