AT-AT Fail: Because Sometimes Standing Up Is Just Too Damn Hard

October 7, 2008


Oh man, that's one of my favorite scenes from the movie. The snow, the AT-ATs, all the little ships flying around PEWing their brains out. And then the trip-up. This AT-AT Fail shirt costs $20.80 and comes in a variety of colors. Collect them all! Just kidding. Buy one! Or don't. I don't freaking care, I didn't make them.

On a side note, if there aren't any more posts today it's because I'm moving and am on the road....south! Goodbye wife and hello buxom southern belles guns and rednecks! WOHOO, come visit! See you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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Thanks to Serene, who once tripped an AT-AT simply by willing it.

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