Apparently Optimus Is A Saints Fan Too

October 16, 2008


What's up with all my heroes being New Orleans Saints fans? First Master Chief, and now Optimus Prime. You'd think at least one of them would root for the Redskins or Steelers. But noooo, they're all New Orleans fans. Maybe it's Mardi Gras. Granted, loving boobs is a hero prerequisite.

On a side note, I really am gonna be in New Orleans this weekend, so let's meet up and wrestle some f***in' gators! Or, I dunno, something else.*

*I'm thinking boobs.

Saints' Fans' Signs of the Times

Thanks to Alejandro, who may or may not live in New Orleans, but if he does, better let me puke on his shoes this weekend. Now transform and onside kick out!

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