Another Day, Another Flying Car

October 15, 2008


Another day, another flying car. Although the good people over at Terrafugia aren't actually calling it a flying car. They're calling it a "roadable aircraft" because they're a bunch of asshats. Anyway, it's a flying freaking car.

The vehicle, set to go on sale next year, will cruise smoothly on the road and through the sky. It will have four wheels, Formula One-style suspension, and a pair of 10-foot-wide wings that fold up when it switches from air to asphalt.

The Transition will run on gas, have a flight range of 460 miles, and is expected to sell at right around $194,000. Tests are still being completed, and the first Transition will take to the skies in November, with customers that put deposits down seeing their vehicles in late 2009. And, for those of us that didn't put deposits down, we can expect to hear about the first crash around the same time.


The Flying Car Gets Real [popsci]

Thanks to Ian, who made a very valid point when he noted that the only reason to buy a flying car is to get laid and crash the thing.

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