Wicked Case Mod: Computers As Wall Art

September 26, 2008


Designer Fredrik Perman decided to jazz up the lobby of his new office with a little custom built computer casage. There are actually six computers in the setup, designed for serious rendering.

The acrylic case doesn't have a top and sides to add some ventilation, and a battery of six, upward-blowing LED-lit fans keep everything cool. That monitor allows access to the render farm from the lobby (though there are several other terminals on the other side of the wall, all linked to the unit by a KVM switch).

Not bad. But you know what would look even better than a computer tacked to the wall? Deez nuts. It would hurt, but it's true.

Hit it for several more.




The ultimate PC case mod: 6 powerful PCs in one glorious case [dvice]

Thanks to Ryan, who once modded a case of beer into a drunken debacle.

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