Whee!: Toy Car Runs On Walls, Ceilings

September 9, 2008


The Air Hog Zero Gravity R/C isn't zero gravity or radio controlled. But it does stick to walls thanks to the vacuum it creates via a little fan in the roof. The 5" car gets about 10 minutes of play time on a 30 minute charge, and is controlled via infrared controller. It'll set you back about $50, but really, what's the purpose? If you have walls -- guess what -- you've probably got a floor too!

Hit the jump for another picture and a video of the fun to be had.


zero gravity r/c cars will have you climbing up the walls [technabob]

  • I would love to inform you that I really like to play with the remote control stuffs, mostly with RC cars. This is very strange to hear that the toy car runs on walls and ceilings.

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